General reinitisalisation procedure for MEDIAplus client computers


This procedure concerns Client computers for all versions of MEDIAplus (Client/Server, Internet/intranet or Stand-alone versions). It allows you to delete all the plugins, folders and register keys that are relevant to ENI products so as to ensure a sound basis on which to re-install ENI’s Media PLUS or Mediactiv products.

Important note: You must never apply this procedure on a MEDIAplus server.

To carry out the operations that this procedure describes you must log on to your computer as the admninistrator of your computer.

Step 1) Uninstall the IE plugins : start up your Internet Explorer and select Tools - Internet Options - General - Settings button then, in the Settings dialog box click the View Objects button. In the Downloaded program files dialog box, delete all the plugins that fit the following patterns (the * symbol corresponds to all character(s)):

  •  *.module
  •  ibarre*
  •  inet*
  •  ils*
  •  eni*
  •  htmlhelpviewer
  •  lsartifact*

    Step 2) If applicable, uninstall all MEDIAplus programs, Mediactiv programs or any other ENI application that is currently installed (Start - Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs).

    Step 3) Go into your Windows Explorer and open the c:\Program files folder then delete the Editions ENI sub-folder.

    Step 4) Go into your Windows Explorer and open the c:\Program files\Common Files folder then delete the Editions ENI sub-folder.

    Step 5) Select Start - Run then type Regedit in the text box and click OK. Expand the HK_LOCAL_MACHINE - SOFTWARE tree then delete the Editions ENI folder.

    Step 6) Download this zipped file:

    Zip - 332.2 kb
    Regclean 4.1

    then unzip it, extract and run the Microsoft Regclean program that it contains then click the Fix Error button when it appears and, if necessary, continue to click this button until it is no longer available (until it appears greyed-out).

    Re-run this tool twice more.

    Step 7) Restart your computer.

    Step 8) You are now ready to reinstall MEDIAplus content or other ENI product.