Error 48: Error in loading DLL

Error 48: Error in loading DLL
This error can occur with any version of the Mediaplus client

A DLL is missing on the system.
The presence of Orphan keys in the registry cause this problem (an orphan registry key is one that refers to a file that no longer present at the specified disk location).
When you install a progam, it checks in the registry database for any presence of files that it must other wise install. If it finds a key corresponding to such a file, it does not install the the file as it considers that it is already installed. Consequently, if this file is not actually present on the disk, then it will remain absent even when the installation program has run.


  • Uninstall the Mediaplus client, using the Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs module.
  • Run the Microsoft Regclean program then click the Fix Error button until it is no longer available (Regclean deletes orphan keys in the Registry; you can download Regclean from this site).
  • Reinstall the Mediaplus client.