Method (tilde) error


Method (Tilde): this error generally appears as: The method of object failed

Cause This error can occur with Microsoft Office application, notably with any version of Microsoft Word. Problems with the installation of Microsoft Office can provoke this error.


How to solve this problem depends on the Microsoft Office application concerned:

  •  For all Microsoft Office Applications except Microsoft Word (Excel, Access etc.)
  •  Otherwise:
    • Uninstall your Microsoft Office and re-install it choosing the full installation options (using Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs

    For all versions of Microsoft Word

    Cf: the Microsoft article at the address:

  •  Use regtlib to register the olb file corresponding to the version of Word that the computer is running.
    • For Word 97 use msword8.olb
    • For Word 2000 use msword9.olb
    • For Word 2002 use msword.olb
  •  Select Start - Run then enter regtlib followed by the full path name of the corresponding olb file and click OK For example:

    regtlib ’c:\program files\Microsoft Office\Office\msword9.olb’

  •  If Regtlib is not available on your system, run the Microsoft SPEU.EXE file attached to this article.

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