Installing MEDIAplus plugins


This article provides background information for installing the MEDIAplus plugins in msi format.

If you have already accessed a MEDIAplus training programme from the computer in question you will need to follow the different steps of the article below:

  •  MP00092 "Plugins for MEDIAplus v6.6"

    Downloading your plugins

    Links to the principal MEDIAplus plugins are listed below.

  •  In all cases you will need to donwload and install the MEDIAplus general plugin.
  •  You will also need to download and install the plugin for the version of Office that the user computer runs. For example, if the user must train on Microsoft Office 2007 applications in English and the user’s computer runs this suite then you must download and install the MEDIAplus plugin for Microsoft Office 2007 English (EE).

    To install each plugin, just run the msi file you downloaded.

    You must install the General plugin first.

    Automatically Deploying your plugins in your local network

  •  If you would like to deploy your plugins in your local network using tools such as SMS de Microsoft SMS (system Management Server) , please consult our article DOC00007 "Installing in silent mode"

    MEDIAplus plugins

    The following article provides the MEDIAplus plugins:

  •  UTI00066msi "Locally installing MEDIAplus v6.6 plugins by msi"