Locally installing MEDIAplus .COM plugins by msi

MEDIAplus plugins

This article provides the main MEDIAplus plugins in msi format.

Before you install your MEDIAplus .COM plugins, please consult the document below and follow its advice:

  •   You will need the MEDIAplus general plugin below in all cases. Moreover, you must install this plugin first (before you install the plugin for the Office version that the user computer runs).
  •   When you have installed your general plugin, you can proceed to install the plugin for the Office suite that the local computer runs.

    • German-English Plugins
      • Microsoft Office 2002 (XP) - merci de contacter notre service support technique

    • Spanish Plugins
      • Microsoft Office 2007
      • Microsoft Office 2003
      • Microsoft Office 2002 (XP)

        1. You do not generally need to install this plugin.
        You will need to install this plugin when the MEDIAplus user must systematically authenticate with the proxy server.
        In this case, you may see the Error 23043 when the user runs a MEDIAplus programme that operates in a simulated environment. This error occurs because the ENIMCT engine cannot access the XML file for that topic on the ENI server because of the authentication.