Plugins for MEDIAplus v6.6 - uninstalling and reinstalling plugins


The presence of plugins from former MEDIAplus versions may prevent MEDIAplus v6.6 plugins from installing automatically.

This article explains how to clear away these old plugins.

N.B. To execute the steps that this article describes you must be logged on as an administrator of your local computer.

Step A) Uninstall the IE plugins

This example uses IE6:

JPEG - 80.3 kb

Start up your Internet Explorer and select Tools - Internet Options - General - Settings button then, in the Settings dialog box click the View Objects button. In the Downloaded program files dialog box, delete all the plugins that fit the following patterns (the * symbol corresponds to all character(s)):

  •  *.module
  •  ibarre*
  •  inet*
  •  ils*
  •  eni*
  •  htmlhelpviewer
  •  lsartifact*

    Step B) Download this zipped file:

    Zip - 332.2 kb
    Regclean 4.1
  •  unzip this file in order to extract the Microsoft Regclean program that it contains
  •  run this program: when the initialisation phase is complete click the Fix Error button when it appears then click the Exit button to close down this program

    JPEG - 35.7 kb

  •  re-run this tool twice more.

    Step C) Uninstall the plugins from the Control Panel

    Open the Start menu then go into the Control Panel and open its Add/Remove programs module

    JPEG - 39.3 kb

    Delete all the programmes whose names begin by MEDIAplus

    You are now ready to re-install the MEDIAplus plugins in msi format:

  •  UTI00066MSI "Locally installing MEDIAplus v6.6 plugins by msi"