Adjusting your Internet Explorer security settings to their default level


Security issues are very important but you may find that applying high security levels may prevent you from accessing a certain number of programs that you would like to use on the Internet.

As a possible approach to finding a suitable compromise, you may wish to consider re-adjusting your Internet Explorer scurity settings to their default levels.

Important note: the approach set out in this article is offered only as a suggested way forward to achieving a desired situation. Should the reader decide to apply this approach he or she must do so at his or her own risk. Editions ENI does not accept any responsibility for any damage or undesirable changes to the operating system or other computer elements that may occur as a result.

Adjusting your security settings to default levels

In your Internet Explorer, ensure that you are on the site on which you would like to access the program in question.

Select Tool - Internet Options then click the Security tab.
JPEG - 35.5 kb Click the Default Level button then click the OK button to close this dialog box.