Repairing, updating or reinstalling Microsoft Office


Errors that MEDIAplus learners meet often concern plugin installation, antipopup setups or working file installation in the case of a client/server configuration. However, ENI training and assessment programmmes test all aspects of Microsoft Office and sometimes detect errors in this application suite.

This article explains how to repair or reinstall Microsoft Office on your computer. You should follow the different steps in the order presented below, until you have solved the problem.

To carry out the operations that this article describes you must have administrator rights on your computer.

  •  Repairing Microsoft Office :

    Select start - Control Panel - Add/Remove programs then choose your Microsoft Office from the list that appears in this dialog box.

    The options available may vary according to your version of Microsoft Office, but you must choose an option such as Modify, Repair, Reinitialize etc.

  •  Update your Microsoft Office :

    Go to the Microsoft "Office Update" site:

    Click the Search for updates link then follow the instructions.

  •  Unisnstall Microsoft Office using Start - (Settings) - Control Panel - Add/Remove programs.
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  •  N.B.: for a more thorough uninstall, of Microsoft Office 97 or 2000 you should also run either Eraser97, for Office 97, or Eraser2k, for Office 2000. You can download these files using the icons above.
  •  Reconnect to your online training.