Installing your Logo in the welcome page of your Mediaplus Internet/intranet site


The welcome page of Mediaplus intranet/Internet sites provides a space in which your logo can appear. This article explains how to install your logo in this page and how to associate with your logo features such as a screen tip and a hyperlink to the web page or site of your choice. Format of your logo Your logo file must be in one of the usual picture formats such as gif, png, jpeg etc. The size of your logo is largely a question of personal preference and you can adjust this size according to the result you obtain on the screen. Installing your logo and associated features To install your logo and any associated features follow the steps below:

  •   Copy your logo file into the following folder: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mediaplus\logos (for example, where c:\inetpub\wwwroot is your web root folder).
  •   Edit the file c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mediaplus\multisites.ini
    • To install your logo, change the value of the constant « Fichier_Logo » ; for example, if your logo file is called mylogo.gif, this line should appear as follows: Fichier_Logo=mylogo.gif
    • If you would like a screen tip to appear when you point your mouse at the logo on the welcome page, change the value of the constant « Alt_Logo »; for example: Alt_Logo=my screen tip
    • If you would like your logo to become a hyperlink to a web page or site, you can specify this URL by changing the value of the constant « Href_Logo »; for example: Href_Logo=
    • Save your changes and close the multisites.ini file.
  •   Your logo is installed.