General reinitisalisation procedure for Media PLUS client computers - online Internet/intranet training


This procedure concerns Client computers for all online (Internet/intranet) versions of Mediaplus. It describes how you can clear all the plugins and registry database keys that are relevant to ENI products so as to ensure a sound basis on which to re-install ENI’s Media PLUS online e-learning products. You can use this procedure to solve plugin problems, for example, in the case of Error 22509.

If you computer is running or has previously run other ENI training products (such as client/server versions or Stand alone versions using a simple CD) then you should follow our article MP00017 " General reinitisalisation procedure for Media PLUS client computers " instead.

To carry out the operations that this procedure describes you must log on to your computer as the admninistrator of your computer.

Step A) Uninstall the IE plugins : start up your Internet Explorer and select Tools - Internet Options - General - Settings button then, in the Settings dialog box click the View Objects button. In the Downloaded program files dialog box, delete all the plugins that fit the following patterns (the * symbol corresponds to all character(s)):

  •  *.module
  •  ibarre*
  •  inet*
  •  ils*
  •  eni*
  •  htmlhelpviewer
  •  lsartifact*

    Step B) Download this zipped file:

  •  unzip this file in order to extract the MicrosoftRegclean program that it contains
  •  run this program: when the initialisation phase is complete click the Fix Error button when it appears then click the Exit button to close down this program
  •  re-run this tool twice more or until this Fix Error button is no longer available at all (when it appears greyed out) even just at the end of the initialisation phase.

    If your problem persists, then:

  •  in the case of a clearly identified plugin problem (for example Error 22509) follow our article MP00028 "Manually installing inet (intranet/Intranet) plugins v5.6.1"
  •  in the case of other types of error, proceed to Step C below.

    Step C) If the problem persists, you must uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office on this compuer:

  •  Unisnstall Microsoft Office using Start - (Settings) - Control Panel - Add/Remove programs.
    Zip - 1.4 Mb
    Zip - 153.2 kb
  •  N.B.: for a more thorough uninstall, of Microsoft Office 97 or 2000 you should also run either Eraser97, for Office 97, or Eraser2k, for Office 2000. You can download these files using the icons above.
  •  Reconnect to your online training.