Deactivating your popup blockers

Many computers run with one or more popup blockers active. However, to run correctly, ENI’s online training programmes such as Media PLUS need to display popups. Consequently, in order to follow one of our online training programmes you need first to have deactivated all your popup blockers.

  •  The numerous applications that offer popup blockers include Internet security programs (such as Norton Internet Security), firewalls (such as Windows Firewall and Norton Personal Firewall and certain Internet Explorer toolbars (such as the Google and Yahoo Toolbars).

    For example if your Internet Explorer runs the Google Toolbar, click the Options button on this toolbar then in the Accessories frame under the Options tab of the dialog box that appears deactivate the Popup Blocker option then click the OK button. Otherwise, you will find similar options in all of these types of application.

  •  Furthermore, if your computer runs the Windows XP operating system with the Service Pack 2 (SP2) installed, you will need to adjust the following settings:

    In your Internet Explorer select the menu option Tools - Pop-up Blocker - Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.