Configuring a Windows XP laptop for Media PLUS demonstrations

By default, when you remove the network cable from a computer running Windows XP, the system will deactivate the network layers. Networking applications such as Media PLUS in client/server configuration need these networking layers to run correctly. Consequently, if you want to demonstrate Media PLUS on a laptop computer running Windows XP you must configure your computer to ensure that the network layers remain active:

  •  Download onto your computer, the following zip file:
    Zip - 328 bytes
  •  Extract the .reg that is zip contains into a folder on your hard disk.
  •  Merge this reg file into your Registry database: right-click this file, choose the Merge option then accept the changes by clicking the Yes and OK buttons on the dialog boxes that appear.

    Your operating system will now maintain the network layers even when your computer is not connected to your local network.


  •  For laptops running Windows 2000 SP4, please consult our document DOC00010 "Configuring a laptop running Windows 2000 SP4 for Media PLUS demonstrations"